Grandma's Premium Range Pickles


Grandmas introduced Vegetable Pickle ranges in four different tastes.


India's first 100% Preservative Free Pickle “Grandma’s Hot and Sweet ” pickle safeguards consumer, against gastric problems like acidity and ulcer caused by excessive use of foods with preservatives.

Due to a unique dry processing technique, Grandma’s hot and sweet lime pickle has better shelf life than pickles with preservatives.

Being totally dry, Grandma’s Hot & Sweet lime contains twice as many pieces per bottle compared to others and hence is economical too.

The pickles in this variety are

  • Hot & Sweet Lime Pickle
  • Hot & Sweet Gooseberry (Amla) Pickle
  • Dates Pickle – a variety made with dates, which has natural sugar in the form of glucose and fructose.


It is a truly rare treat, bringing the wholesome taste and flavour of home made Pickles available off the shelf.

The pickles in this variety are

  • Lime Pickle
  • Garlic Pickle
  • Tender Mango Pickle
  • Cut Mango Pickle
  • Mixed Vegetable Pickle
  • Ginger Pickle
  • Gooseberry (Amla) Pickle
  • Vadukappuli Lime
  • Carrot Pickle
  • Green Chilli Pickle
  • Tomato Pickle
  • Bitter Gourd (Pavakkai) Pickle

Our Exclusive Pickles in Hot variety are:

  • Ambazhanga Pickle – a rare delicacy embellished with Ambazhanga or Hog Plum.
  • Irumpanpuli Pickle – enriched with Irumpanpuli (Averrhoa Bilimbi) a rich source of Vitamin C, this pickle offers excellent nutrition.
  • Avakkai Mango Pickle – a rare variety pickle made with mature green Mango pieces, with the inner shell intact. This is a tasty, spicy, and tart pickle, which makes an ideal accompaniment to any Indian entrée.
  • Ancient Kerala Mango Pickle – popularly known as Oil Mango Pickle in the age old days, keeping the prepared Mango Pickle with adequate spices in an earthenware jar with gingelly oil for 1-2 months, which brings back the unforgettable and rare taste of grandmother’s homemade pickles.
  • Kaduku Mango Pickle – sprinkled with mustard this ancient variant of mango pickle is a real treat for your taste buds.
  • Mango Ginger Pickle – a rare variety made with the rhizomes of Mango Ginger (Curcuma Amada), which has excellent medicinal properties.
  • Mixed Pickle – a rare blend of Lime, Mango, Amla and Carrot.
  • Tender Cherry Pickle – a variety made with Tender Cherry with all its freshness and taste.
  • Lololicka Pickle – a rare variety made with delicious tropical fruit called Lololicka.
  • Nutmeg (Jadikka) Pickle – a delicious pickle made with nutmeg, the yellow shell that covers the seed.
  • Sadaveri Pickle – a rare variety made with the root of Sadaveri, a tropical plant, endowed with medicinal value.


It comprises a range of pickles free from Red Chilly Powder, but value added with inherent qualities of Green Chilli (Kandari Mulaku), mustard and fenugreek.

The pickles in this variety are:

  • Lime White Pickle
  • Vadukappuli Lime White Pickle
  • Mixed Vegetable White Pickle
  • Bitter Gourd White Pickle


It is a range comprising of Vegetables in brine solution, retaining the freshness of vegetables and could also be used in salads of for preparing soups.

The pickles in this variety are:

  • Gooseberry (Amla) in Brine
  • Mango in Brine (Uppumango)
  • Carrot in Brine
  • Garlic in Brine


The pickles in this variety are

  • Prawns Pickle
  • Fish Pickle
  • Dried Fish Pickle (Shark)
  • Dried Fish Pickle (Anjoy)
  • Dried Prawns Pickle